Blushers. Are. Back.

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That’s right. You heard it here first -- or maybe on Happily Grey’s Instagram feed, but still.
Blusher veils are those little pieces of netting or tulle that “conceal” part of your face. They’re alluring, yet simple -- oh, and did we mention romantic? A blusher veil is not for every bride, but every bride should try one on at least once! They’re a spirited alternative to the classic, cathedral length veil.

The best part? They are what you style them.





Shop our blushers & fascinators HERE, or browse by clicking any photo in the gallery below.

peyton blusher   astyn blusher   michal blusher   ione blusher   ivis blusher   emily blusher

gladys hat blusher   colette collette collete blusher   cara blusher

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