Heirloom Journal: Sisterhood of the Traveling Veil

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Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered you all here today to announce that we’re starting an “Heirloom Journal” to celebrate and share the real-life tulle travels between our real brides and their friends and families.

We’re kicking things off with the cutest girl squad we ever did see. Here’s the story of Liz, Christine, Diane, and their timeless SG Phoebe veil:


“[In 2012] I found my dress and had never planned on wearing a veil. A rather well-known consultant at the shop told me, “Without a veil, you’re just a pretty girl in a white dress.” ....and boy was he right! They put the Phoebe veil on and I instantly felt like a bride. It was the perfect piece for me. When Christine and Diane were preparing for their weddings, I offered the veil to them but always assumed they would have their own style preferences. I was so honored that they both wanted to wear it!”


"I instantly felt like a bride"


Fast forward 6 years to 2018, Christine gets engaged and starts the hunt for the perfect dress with her BFFs, Liz (remember her?) and Diane:


"I almost passed by my wedding dress, but I was drawn to the trim of the voluminous skirt because it reminded me of the gorgeous veil Liz wore at her wedding, so thankfully (after Diane dared me to) I tried it on!

Liz was thrilled when I asked if I could borrow her Sara Gabriel Phoebe veil to wear on my wedding day, and the moment I tried it on with my dress was absolutely transformative. It was the essential piece that made me feel truly bridal, and I loved that it already carried so many fond memories.

It was such a delight to then watch Diane choose to wear the veil on her wedding day. For me, it cemented a unique bond between us, and has become a beautiful reminder of some of the most special moments we have shared together."


                                                 photo via Griot Photo


1 year later in 2019 the girls hunt again for another show-stopping wedding look, but this time for Diane:


“As the third pea in the pod to get married, I already knew I wanted to incorporate Liz’s Sara Gabriel veil into my wedding day look. As I started dress shopping, I was elated to find that the veil complimented almost every dress I tried on. I’m a contemporary classic kind of bride, and the veil was the perfect addition to elevate my look.

To me, weddings are about love, celebration, and joining families. Wearing the same veil as two of the most important friends in my life made me feel even more surrounded by their love and support. Thank you Sara Gabriel for being a huge part of our friendship history!”



It’s only a day, but it lasts a lifetime. Excuse us, we might’ve gotten something in our eyes.


Happy heirloom-ing!

-team sg


photo credit: Katie Grace Photography


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