Sparkle Science: 5 tips for choosing jewelry colors

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Okay, so you've already read our post about SG color combinations and you're still feeling overwhelmed? We're here for you. 
Keep reading for some tips on picking the perfect color combination when you're on sparkle overload.


BUT FIRST:                                   
Girl, order a Swatch Card.                      
Sometimes you just have to see things in person.   



Now we can get to choosing! 

♥︎ Pick a color combination you would normally wear.

Think about wearing this jewelry again on your first wedding anniversary with your cutest LBD.


♥︎ Pick a color combination that looks great with your ring.

Silver, gold, rose gold? match 'em!


♥︎ Match the tones of your wedding.

What does that mean? If your maids are wearing pink, consider our rose gold metal. If your wedding is in the fall, check out our gorgeous champagne stones. If your flowers are cooler colors like blue, purple, and green, complement that with our silver metal. 

♥︎ Finally, choose based on your personal style.

You want to feel like YOU at your wedding, but an 11. So, if you're a traditionally sparkly kind of gal, go with the silver metal & clear crystals. If you're not normally into REALLy sparkly things, go with our opal mix crystals (still sparkly, just toned down a tiny bit). And, if you're really into elegant, somewhat vintage statement pieces, go with the champagne stones. 


♥︎ Above all, go with what you want.

It's your day -- you're going to look amazing! 


Sparkle on,


-team sg


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