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Love tiaras, but not getting married in a castle with 500 members of your royal court? No problem. You know we love designs that can be worn again and again… and again. More ways to wear means more outfits to style: dress it up for the wedding; go boho for date night; wear it as a headband for special occasions.


How to for your ‘do? Keep scrolling.


Who knew you could flip a tiara upside-down? We did ;) Wear it across your forehead as a bandeau to create a stunning boho-inspired look.


bandeau tiaras


Channel your inner Blair Waldorf. Keep it simple, style the tiara back like a headband. Wear it like this with flowing locks or updos… or anything, really.



Everything looks better with a little tulle. Style your veil underneath a backwards tiara for a super romantic look. Going veil-less after the ceremony? We support that. Don’t let anything hold you back on the dance floor, but keep the sparkle going.



Traditional tiara
Becoming the princess you were always meant to be? Place any of these tiaras on top of your head for a classic look… just don’t forget it takes hours of mirror practice to get your regal wave on the same level as Kate Middleton’s.  



See how some of our gorgeous real brides styled their tiaras!


real brides tiaras



Say hello to your subjects for us.
Happy coronation!


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