Veil Science: how long should your veil be?

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 Bride goals: blushing, glowing, wildly in love, and the center of attention!
NOT bride goals: stressed over accessories, overwhelmed by options, a bridal fashion expert, and professionally trained on veil styling!

You do not have to know any veil length terms, or what the length in inches actually means. Don't do the math -- that's why we're here!

Okay, here come the numbers. (Don't worry, there won't be a quiz.)
Generally speaking, all of those lengths you see on our site break down to this:

Elbow: 30"
*the edge of the veil hits just near your elbow
Fingertip: 40”
*the edge of the veil hits just past your fingertips
Knee: 50”
*the edge of the veil hit just below your knees
Floor: 60” to 70”
*perfect for a gown with no train
Sweep: 75”
*just barely sweeping the floor
Chapel: 90”
*this is an average train
Cathedral: 120”
*bring on the drama!
Royal Cathedral: 140”
*Hello? Queen Elizabeth, is that you?



Worried about distracting from some gorgeous back details? We've got a couple of quick veil science tips for this:

For "short" veils:

Avoid competing lines. Don't let the veil stop where the detail begins -- make it longer or shorter depending on the design of your gown. 



For "long" veils:

Frame your picture. The veil should be a frame that falls 5-10" past the edge of your gown. This will prevent the veil from gathering up the back of your gown and will showcase your look.



Happy measuring (or not!),


-team sg




*major shoutout to our babes at a&be bridal shop for helping us put this together ♥︎


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