Wedding trends to expect in 2019

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T minus 5 seconds until 2019, amiright? Anyone else forget that there was an Olympics this year? Yup. No, for realz: google it, we'll wait... Mmhmm. That was THIS YEAR. Anyway, it’s time to live for the now! 2019 is right around the corner.

Here are 4 up-and-coming trends to get you all jazzed for 2019 weddings:

Statement wedding cakes

Step aside, cupcake stands! Cakes this year are going to be big, big and bigger. Remember the birthday unicorn cake craze this summer? Yeah, kind of like that, but more, better, all the things. Eating cake is clearly never going out of style, and fondant is forever (seriously- does it decompose... ever?), so it only makes sense to have the cake as a part of your fabulous decor.


Colorful stones

Listen, black and white TV has been out for, like, a while now. Clear diamonds and princess cuts are gorgeous, but... a bit of a snoozefest. It’s time to live life in color like the sultry P. Cruz and spunky J. Simpson. Seriously, cookie cutter rings are a thing of the past -- check out some of our fave unique engagements rings from the online jeweler babes at Blue Nile. We promise you won’t get bored looking at these gems for… oh, you know, the rest of forever.



Back to the classics

Okay, fine. Maybe grandma DID have it right with her ballrooms, 5 course meals, crystal stemware, silver candles, lace overlays, and monogrammed linen napkins. It’s fine, you don’t have to tell her that buffets are out and you want a fork for every occasion, just let her find out the easy way -- day of. Hearing about it AFTER you’ve perfected your honeymoon tan will be oh so much more tolerable.



Wedding dresses and accessories with bows

Now that we’ve got our soapbox, we’re just going to come right out and say it: EVERYTHING'S BETTER WITH A BOW ON IT. (Insert all the clap emojis.) Put ‘em on your maids, add some romance to your veil, or keep it functional with your headband (ahem, duet). Bows. On Bows. On bows on bows. (You get the idea.)



Happy trending!


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