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It starts small, the smallest question: "Will you?" It starts small, with the tiniest promise: "I will." 
(So small, and yet, so LIFE ALTERINGLY enormousOMG-call-everyone-ring-selfie-holycrapI’mgettingmarriiiiiieeed!!!!)
It starts so so small: these pocket-sized words, promises, just the two of you in a moment that lasts forever but somehow goes by too quickly.

And then, things get big:

A venue. A menu. MOBs and MOGs. Wedding parties, clever favors, perfected seating charts. Band or dj? Buffet or sit-down? Now don’t get us wrong, big can be good and thrilling. We love big things (like... cakes and diamonds). But for a sec let’s get small again- let’s come back to why we’re here: you ♥︎

So now it’s time for you to fall in love again. You find...THE ONE. THE dress. The dress that makes you feel a way you wish you could feel every single day of your life. A dress that makes you look a way you always dreamed and never knew you could look. A dress you don’t ever want to take off. This. Is. BIG. Enter: Sara Gabriel (eeeee this is our favorite part!). This dress, this absolutely fabulous everything-you-ever-wanted dress is still...just a dress. Now let’s make it your dress- let’s come back to the small stuff. A beaded belt that goes gorgeously with your gown. An intricate hair comb with elements incorporated from your mother’s heirloom tiara. A stunning veil measured to your exact specifications. A set of jewelry customized to complement your ring like they were MFEO.

                                                                Photography: Jenna Sparks Photography

It starts small: Our hands gather together your fabric, your crystals, your lace, and your silk. Our hands artfully drape your tulles, meticulously pin your appliqués, and lovingly place every crystal and pearl. Our hands stitch, solder, and set. Our hands cut, measure, and create.

Our hands gently fold and carefully pack each beautiful piece. Our hands sign our names and write yours- to you, just you, handmade with love and care. One at a time. Every time. As unique and individual and one-of-a-kind as you are.

      Photography: Kelly Ginn Photography


And then, it gets big again:

Today is the day. The BIG day. You put on your earrings. Your shimmering duet is tied in place. Your mother tears up as her reimagined (and now heirloom!) "something old" is fixed in your hair with your veil. And... This. Is. The. Moment. Gone is the girl in a dress. Now you see yourself as a bride, a wife, ready to step (gorgeously outfitted, HELLO!) into a future full of adventures.

Small words: Do you? Smaller still: I do.

A slip of a ring, a lift of a blusher, another amazing moment that lasts forever. You’re here, and it's real! To have and to hold: you are a wife. It’s so big your heart cannot contain it. You dance, eat, drink, and are definitely merry. You shimmer and shine in these singular, artisan-crafted, instant-heirloom pieces handmade just for you.

Weeks later (enter Sara Gabriel, again!) your BFF borrows this bracelet for her special day. Months later you wear these earrings to your romantic first anniversary dinner date. Years later you gift this headpiece to your niece for a school dance with her first love. Decades later you pass this veil to your daughter and gasp as she, too, is transformed into a bride. The tears are so small, and the love is SO big.

It starts with the small stuff, but it’s so much bigger than that. We are a team of crafters, makers, designers, artisans, and big dreamers. (Read more HERE.) Small things are BIG things to us- because no matter the size, the cut, the color or trim, we know how much it means to you now, in a few weeks, in a few months, and forever. The made-just-for-you details that alter a gown worn by a hundred other girls into your gown. It’s all these small things that turn a girl in a dress into a BRIDE.


happy always!

-team sg


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